I Had Knee Surgery, Part Two


Photo by Christopher Boswell on Unsplash

Lizzie Schmidt, Editor

For those who read my last piece about having knee surgery for a second time, I had the surgery, which wasn’t what I expected.

The day I had surgery was anything but happy for me. I had a rollercoaster of emotions. I wanted to back out when I walked into the hospital that morning. I hated the idea of having to have another surgery and another recovery. I was incredibly sad that this is what it had come to.

During the actual procedure, they found something wrong with my knee that they weren’t going to fix, but they ended up fixing it. This was arthritis that they found and took out. It added additional recovery time to my surgery.

If you know me, you know I love to work. So being told I couldn’t work for three weeks when I originally only planned on being out for one week was a blow to my spirits. In addition, I was told that I couldn’t do physical activity for 3-4 months. This means I have to sit out of my dance season this year.

While I am incredibly sad that I cannot dance this year, I know this will pass. And while the surgery wasn’t what I expected, I am getting better every day and gaining back my mobility and strength and the pain is subsiding.

I know that I needed to do this for my health in the long run, so I am focusing on that. I needed this to happen now, so it didn’t get worse in the future.

To those following along since my last article, thank you for doing so. It does get better, and I am holding onto this.