Spice up October with these Spooky Writing Prompts


Photo by VD Photography on Unsplash

Julia Akre, Reporter

Shock your writing with a spooky twist with these fun Halloween-infused writing prompts for the whole month of October! Give them a stab every day and see how long you can last, or pick and choose your favorite and sink your teeth into it. Without further adieu, here are your victims!

  1. In your living room sits a man with a jack-o-lantern as a head.

  2. A vampire lamenting over a dead flower

  3. A werewolf at Denny’s is carbo-loading for the full moon.

  4. A dark and decrepit mansion with rave lights inside

  5. BREAKING NEWS: “Man Found Dead With Lungs Ripped Out, Killer is Suspected to Have Used Claws and is On the Run”

  6. Someone is lost in a corn maze, and the sun is setting.

  7. “He, darling, is the king of Death.”

  8. You finally locate the sound of the insufferable banging; it’s under the floorboards.

  9. There is a fire in the woods; bells ring in the distance.

  10. The leaves are changing, turning blood red.

  11. The neighborhood cat starts to follow you; one day, it speaks.

  12. The world is ending, but your shift does not end for another three hours.

  13. The estate’s maid staff are human, you think. There are puppet-like strings attached to their limbs. They only listen to the Mistress of the house.

  14. At a Halloween college party, someone is dressed as a bloody killer. Hopefully, the blood is fake.

  15. The leaves are falling, running away.

  16. The twilight sky starts to shake and ripple; reality starts to blur.

  17. A ghost shakes your bed, asking for tea.

  18. “Please, the last thing I want is for you to run away. Come, fill my garden with your screams.”

  19. Fun fact: Silver can be used to harvest souls.

  20. Crows are not ravens. Crows work for the queen of the underworld.

  21. A pumpkin patch is out for revenge.

  22. You get invited to a dinner party at the mysterious mansion on top of the hill.

  23. A bag of candy shows up at your front door; the note says “eat me” and has a crude drawing of the Cheshire cat smiling up at you.

  24. You breathe in the refreshing smell of fall, dead leaves, nutmeg, pumpkin, and blood.

  25. For a week now, you have felt someone following you.

  26. For a month now, you have learned the schedule of your crush. You’re slowly becoming obsessed.

  27. You discover a broom in your grandmother’s closet. “You were never supposed to find that,” she said.

  28. “I have a surprise!” She holds up a string of pearls, dripping in blood.

  29. The scream in the haunted attraction becomes too real, and people begin to run.

  30. Strange creatures start to creep out of their world and into ours.

  31. The veil is gone, and monsters are running the streets until sunrise. You try to blend in, but is your costume believable?

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