Wiz Khalifa: The Truth Behind the Alleged ‘Shooting’


Lizzie Wiz Khalifa: The Truth Behind the Alleged ‘Shooting’

Lizzie Schmidt, Editor

There was an alleged shooting during Wiz Khalifa’s set last month at the Ruoff Music Center. When fans heard about the possible shooting, they fled the venue. Three people were injured. Later, the police stated that the shooting had never happened. The fans’ experience of fear and shock did happen.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” Bailey Hocking, a sophomore Education major at Marian said. “I do not think that it is getting the recognition it deserves. Although no weapon was found, the genuine fear was real.”

The media is portraying this as a “fake” event, but people in the venue felt they would lose their lives that night. The level of security at the Indiana venue is also being questioned. Fans think that the level of protection was inadequate.

Kasi Cline, a fan at the event, said that security wasn’t thorough. “People were walking through with no one checking them,” she said. Many fans felt better security could have prevented this mass fleeing.
Hocking said that she would not be going back to another concert there until they made some security changes.

Fans are disturbed that this event received no recognition from Khalifa himself. Hocking and Cline both said that his actions were “inconsiderate” and “disappointing.”

“I understand it wasn’t his fault,” Cline said, “But he could’ve at least addressed it.” Unfortunately, there is no statement from Khalifa, and the fans will probably never get one.

It is clear that this incident has instilled fear in the concert-goers, and many of them will not be returning to the venue anytime soon. There is no sense of closure for these fans.