MU Food – Yay or Nay


Photo by Tristan Grider, Marian’s Cafeteria in Clare Hall

Tristan Grider, Reporter

Marian University has no shortage of food options on campus. We have the Dining Commons or “Caf” in Clare Hall, Subway in the Norman Center, the Pod Market in the Evans Center, and of course, Starbucks and a future Chick-Fil-A in Alumni. However, not all MU students love the food options on campus.

“My go-to place to eat on Campus is Subway,” senior Communication major, Bryan Richardson told us. “They have healthy options, and the food is always fresh.” Richardson is a part of the MU Wrestling Team, so quick healthy options to pick up on campus are extremely important to him.

We also asked him what his least favorite place to eat on campus was: “The Caf 100%,” he said.

Richardson also told us his reasoning, “Not healthy and not good,” he said. “I would gladly eat anywhere else.”

Junior History major, Sean Effron would like to see a different Sub place on campus. “They need to gut and get rid of Subway and put a real sub place like Jersey Mikes in there. That’s a real sandwich. I would eat a Jersey Mikes every day if we had one available.”

Besides Jersey Mikes, some students would prefer some other food options not yet on campus. Freshman Nursing major, Naomi Adenuga, would love to see a Chinese restaurant available to Marian Students in Alumni. “I do most of my homework and studying in Alumni, so, Chinese food would for sure be a go-to while I’m here.”

Personally, I would love to have pizza returned to Marian. With the exit of Oath Pizza to make space for the new Chick-Fil-A currently being built in Alumni, there is no place beside the Caf where you can get Pizza. A Pizza Hut or return of Papa John’s would be super clutch and loved by many Knights on campus.