Marian’s New Shuttle Service


Photo by Jaylen Grant, shuttle bus

Jaylen Grant, Reporter

Undoubtedly, one of the most prominent, if not THE most, problems on campus is the lack of parking. Whether you are a resident, faculty, or staff member, finding a parking spot during school hours is almost impossible. Fortunately, Marian University has come up with a solution to this problem with the shuttle service.

The shuttle service is a way for commuters to forego the struggle of finding parking and instead take the shuttle.

Its route is from the Velodrome to Alumni Hall and back, every 15 minutes from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Ruth Rodgers, Senior Vice President for Leadership Integration and Student Success at Marian University, explained the process for shuttle service. She said that “the shuttle service was something they wanted to start for a bit of time and thought that with the continuing growth that the campus has every year, this year was the perfect opportunity to start it.”

When asked whether the administration will expand the shuttle service, Rodgers explained that they are actively monitoring how often it’s used, how long it takes the shuttle to get to and from Alumni/Velodrome, and other essential factors being they make any decisions.

Friday, I decided to ride the shuttle myself. Jacob Huffman, a freshman Civil Engineering major, rode with me. He said he commutes daily and uses the shuttle service most days. His primary reason for using the service was that it was easier than wasting time looking for a spot. While he enjoys using the service, he thinks having a second shuttle would be beneficial.

When arriving at the Velodrome in the morning, I noticed that many people using it were faculty and staff. On the way to Alumni, the ride was quiet. Most people riding the shuttle had something to occupy their time. Overall, I felt that the ride there was pleasant.

After my last class, I went to Alumni Hall and noticed many more people waiting than in the morning. It felt like I was in elementary school, gathering in a corner and waiting for the bus.

Overall, I enjoyed using the service and think it’s an excellent resource for commuters.