Commuters and Gas prices


Lizzie Schmidt, Editor

With recent political changes in our world, gas prices are on the rise. Gas prices went from being fairly reasonably priced to outrageously expensive. Commuters at Marian University are experiencing the negative effects.

Commuters at Marian are saying that they have to pick up extra shifts at work, as well as refrain from doing fun activities due to the rising prices. Students are overexerting themselves while working, and trying to make up for this expense.

Marian student Rachel Marks, a freshman Psychology Major, said, “It’s all really taking a toll.” Rachel reported having to work constantly, and she feels as if she has no time outside of work and classes to do anything, including schoolwork. She stated, “I am also picking up more shifts at work, just because I know it will take more to pay for the regular things.” Another commuter, Zack Cooper, agrees with Marks.

Cooper, a junior Elementary Education Major, states that he has been spending double the price on gas than what he used to. He says that he leaves school and goes straight to work. This makes him feel physically and mentally tired. “When I am at school, I am tired all of the time,” stated Cooper.

While students are affected by the rise in gas prices, faculty and staff are also experiencing the hardships. Joanie Schmidt, Marian’s staff member, says that gas prices have affected her and her family, as she has to help pay for gas for multiple cars. Schmidt said, “I am more or less cutting back on my personal enjoyment as a result.” She stated that she is no longer doing the things she intended to do with her extra funds, as they are no longer extra.

It is clear that the price of gas is currently negatively affecting commuters at Marian University. It does not seem that gas prices will lower anytime soon, and this will be a matter we have to adjust to.