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Introducing the Women of Marian

Lindsey Rousseau
Lindsey Rousseau, Co-Advisor of Women of Marian, Photo sent in by Lindsey herself.

The title, Women of Marian, is quite literally a group that includes the women of Marian. However, this title stretches further back into the history of the organization and how it lives up to its title today. This organization was inspired by one of the Sisters of Saint Francis, Mother Theresa Hacklemeier, who ventured her way to the United States to start the make of Marian. Mother Theresa Hacklemeier was in her twenties when she began this long journey, in which her young age and building a community as a woman inspired other women at Marian to continue this legacy.

“Having the opportunity to remind young women of that is special because we are teaching them that they are capable of doing great work at a young age just like that,” says Lindsey (Linny) Rousseau, Co-Advisor of the Women of Marian group. 

Originally, the Women of Marian group started as a support society for the alumni, faculty, and other supporters of women on Marian’s campus. The group started with funding scholarships for incoming freshmen each year. However, beginning in 2022, Lindsey took charge of expanding the Women of Marian’s legacy here on campus and their involvement with the students. A group was added to the organization titled the 1851 circle – a tribute to the Sisters of Saint Francis who began this venture in the year 1851 in Oldenburg, Indiana. 

“I was serving as Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement at the time and felt very passionate about this cause, so I jumped right in. Even though I work in Athletics now, I am still involved as co-advisor today,” Rousseau expressed.

As Lindsey is the co-advisor of the Women of Marian group, she is a part of the society herself. Lindsey has the opportunity to recruit new members at the activities fairs that are held here on campus throughout each semester. As she is a part of the society herself, she gets to inform the donors of the organization about the amazing accomplishments the 1851 circle achieves each year. Now that she works in the Athletic department on campus, she also has the opportunity to expand her outreach with the female student athletes and coaches. 

“I do a lot of personal outreach for this group because it truly means a lot to me. If I would have had the opportunity to do this when I was a student, I would have jumped right in. I am glad I get to be involved now,” said Rousseau. 

The Women of Marian society encourages to stay connected with one another by hosting events each year. One of the events that is hosted each year in February is Galentine’s Day, which Rousseau expressed in one of her favorites. Lindsey explained that Galentine’s Day gives the young students an opportunity to meet and network with the women of the “greater society”, who are part of the organization as well. 

“It brings a diverse group of women together to celebrate womanhood and our accomplishments,” Rousseau said.

The Galentine’s Day event hosted each year was inspired by her favorite show Parks and Recreation. One of the characters from the show, Leslie Knope, inspires Rousseau everyday because of her way of caring for everyone around her. 

“Getting to bring that energy to Marian’s campus is probably one of my favorite accomplishments,” Rousseau says passionately. 

The Women of Marian society has come a long way over the years with their involvement with all women and how they represent the community here on campus. They encourage and inspire one another not just on campus alone, but also in the lives of women off campus. The Women of Marian society strives to achieve and portray the best versions of each other while having fun along the way. 

“I want women throughout campus to know that this can be a community for you, no matter your interest or backgrounds. It truly was created to inspire and encourage all women on campus and we would love for anyone to get involved with the organization!” Rousseau said.

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