A Message from SGA


Jonas Smith

Dear Student Body,

Many students have expressed to the Student Government Executive Board members their concerns and frustrations with the display put on by the Knights for Life organization. While not all students agree with the display, I feel it is important to remind students that every organization and every individual student reserves the right to express their beliefs on our campus within the Catholic and Franciscan lens. The Knights for Life organization followed every step necessary to gain permission to place their signs and flags on our campus, including conversing with Marian Campus Operations as well as Marian University Police. The intention of this event was to bring awareness to the issue of abortion in the United States. Some complaints have referred to the assumption that this organization was disseminating false information by correlating breast cancer with abortion. This is not true. On the fliers distributed by Knights for Life members at the campus display, they simply posited the question as to whether the two were correlated and invited students to attend their documentary showing and discussion on October 5th. The Marian University Student Government Association Executive Board also heard concerns from students who felt as if they were being “chased” by student organizers so as to be given fliers. The Marian University Student Government Association Executive Board does not condone such behavior and the Knights for Life organization has apologized for any such behavior which may have occurred.

            As an elected student on this campus, I am elected not only because of who I am but also because of what I support. I support the idea that every student and organization has a right to express their beliefs within the Catholic and Franciscan lens. I do not support the silencing of anyone. As a university, we make it our mission to prepare students to consider all information and to make informed decisions. Frequently, there will be those who question your opinion and we must be open to hearing what these individuals have to say. Others presenting information to us is neither an attack on our identity, ourselves, or our beliefs. Marian University and I will not condone the defacement or destruction of other’s property, be it signs, fliers, or anything else. If you disagree with information another person or organization provides you, then converse with them about your disagreement. Have an honest and open conversation. The Student Government Association Executive Board will not serve as a partisan organization that supports one viewpoint over another.

            If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to [email protected]. No other Student Government Association Executive Board member will speak for the comments expressed in this statement.


Thank you,

Jonas Smith

Student Body President