Taylor Swift’s, ‘Midnights,’ Set to Release


Photo by Jovan Vasiljević on Unsplash

Lizzie Schmidt, Editor

Disclaimer: This story was written on September 28, 2022. More information may have surfaced by the time this article is published.

On August 28, 2022, Taylor Swift surprised fans with the information that she was going to release a new album at the 2022 VMAs. The album, titled “Midnights,” is set to release on October 21, 2022. Swift has said that this album will be a collection of songs she’s written in the middle of the night. Here is what we know about the album so far.

The Tracklist

On September 21, Swift took to Tiktok and Instagram to release her track titles. She announced in a new series, “Midnights Mayhem with Me,” that she would randomly be announcing track titles at midnight up until the album’s release. Swift poked fun at her easter-egg-loving ways and said she was “not here to deny it, but here to defy it.” While we don’t have a lead single yet, we currently have 4 track names of the 13 on the album. These are as follows:

Track 6: Midnight rain

Track 7: Question…?

Track 8: Vigilante Sh*t

Track 13: Mastermind

Who worked on the album?

In a making-of-the-album video Swift posted to Instagram, fans spotted a cameo of long-time collaborator and producer Jack Antanoff. Antanoff helped collaborate and produce albums such as 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, and Evermore.


The album is listed on iTunes as a pop album; however, no one has received confirmation from Swift herself. The album’s aesthetic is a 1970’s vibe and could be any kind of genre from this time. While we wait for confirmation from Swift herself, we can’t rely on the idea that it will be pop.

How are MU students anticipating this album?

Taylor Swift fans across campus are excited to see what this album will bring. Sophomore, Megan Macnamara, said, “I am really excited! My sister loves Taylor Swift, so we listen to that a lot together.”

Swift is no stranger to leaving clues for her fans, so other fans are taking Swift’s cryptic clues into account. Junior, Maria Mina, said, “I am anticipating that she’s given us a lot of hints about what’s to come, and that’s up for us to decipher.”

Swift herself mentioned that this album is a collection of songs she wrote late at night throughout her life, and Senior, Kayley Oyer, is excited about this. “In a sense, they’re all vault songs, which I’m really excited for,” Oyer said.

Vault songs are songs she has written in the past and released with her re-recorded albums. Hearing older songs is something her fans adore, and they are highly curious about what this album will bring in terms of hearing her previously written songs.

While fans may not know what else is to come and when the fans do know that they will be having many sleepless ‘midnights’ until the album is released.