The Excitement Surrounding Accepted Student Day


A student “signing” to commit to MU

Lizzie Schmidt, Editor

Marian University held its seond Accepted Student Day on Thursday, March 24 in the Alumni Hall. The goal of this event was to promote clubs and activities that students can become involved in. Students could also “sign” to MU and solidify their acceptance to the University. Students and Faculty alike anticipate these events.

Linny Rousseau, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement was representing The Women of Marian club at this event. Rousseau finds that being a booth is essential for marketing. 

“I think the most important thing for me is creating brand awareness,” she said.  

While the staff, faculty and students were excited to promote this event, the staff that worked on putting on this event were happy with the outcome. 

“We work to make the students excited to come here in the fall,” said Chad Hardin, Associate Director of Freshman Admission who worked to make sure this event went smoothly.

One incoming freshman, Ayanna Wash, said she was also happy to be there. 

“My favorite part of today was actually where I got to stop at the cafeteria. It was the first place it felt like home,” Wash said.  

The next Accepted Student Day will be held on April 21.