Chik-Fil-A Opens for the Knights

Lizzie Schmidt and Tristan Grider

On the most recent Valentine’s Day, a new restaurant had its grand opening in Alumni Hall.

While Chik-Fil-A has been open for lunch since mid-January, now it is a full-fledged Chik-Fil-A. Students and faculty/staff alike are excited and have implemented it as a staple in their dining experience on campus. 

Chick-Fil-A has been something campus members have been asking for- and they have received. With the lack of dining options on campus, this location has quickly become popular.

This restaurant has also gained traction with students, as it is one of the few dining options that stay open relatively later than most other options. 

 “I love being able to stop by late at night for a quick snack,” said Taylor Smith, a junior. 

Staff and Faculty are equally excited. They like having another food option on campus because they don’t feel like they have to leave campus in order to get quality food.

Joanie Schmidt, Administrative Assistant of Financial Aid said now she has another dining option, and she spends less time worrying about leaving campus to go get food. 

While everyone is excited about the new restaurant, some students wish they had a more diverse menu. Other students wish that the location was bigger. Lastly, some students miss the rotating food and Oath Pizza that was once there. 

“I love that Chik-Fil-A is on campus and officially open,” said Junior, Alex Rapp. However, I wish that this location served breakfast.”

This location has friendly employees, and classic food. It is unlikely that business will slow down anytime soon.